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The Kill Floor

The Kill Floor

As I drive up the dusty cobbled road lined with the scrappy gums native to country Victoria, and the abattoir comes into view, my breath is slowly taken away. Not by the ageing corrugated iron buildings, grinding machinery, languid country accents, and a fleet of trucks jostling for position, but the smell. It wrench’s at your gut like a dentist does teeth. A vile mixture of blood, faeces, ammonia and eucalyptus, the stench almost has its own soul. An evil one. It is at this moment, when I turn off the ignition and the trailing dust settles around the still warm station wagon, that the realisation dawns on me, the consequence of my decision, to photograph the inner workings of a fully functioning slaughterhouse. One that can and does, process […]

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Merv Williamson. Photograph by Chris Hopkins

The Last Dairy Farmer

Merv Williamson has been photographed many times. Various local papers and rural magazines have told his story as the last dairy farmer in the Whittlesea area. His kitchen wall is covered with photocopy’s of images of him and Mary, posing with members of his herd of fresian cows, all of which have names. However he shifts uncomfortably in his couch as the camera is switched to video mode. “I wouldn’t want your job for quid’s he mutters, before cryptically adding, “I’m not too flash with the technology, not really a TV person you see!” Merv and Mary Williamson are old-fashioned and they like it that way. Born of an era where hard work and toil was worn like a badge of honour, the 77 and 79 year olds still rise […]

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