Bio3-1Chris Hopkins

Chris Hopkins is an award winning Melbourne based Photo-journalist. His work has appeared in Australian print and online publications such as The Age, The Sydney Morning Herald,  The Guardian, The Global Mail and The Weekly Review magazine.

His documentary work attempts to highlight the lives of those around us who are otherwise marginalised or forgotten whilst embracing the differences between us as individuals. After extended periods of independent travel across Africa, Asia, Europe, Northern and Central America he realised the importance of our acceptance and knowledge of the worlds  different cultures, and through his photography and videography gives voice to those otherwise silent.

Chris currently lives in Melbourne , Australia.


Mathew Lynn

When I was four or five years old, my grandmother bought me a cheap plastic camera. I vividly recall the joyful and urgent need to document the world around me.When I first experienced the miraculous apparition of an image in a tray of developer when I was 15, I was hooked. Upon graduating from high school, largely unsure of what to do with myself and feeling a need to leave Melbourne, I enlisted in the Australian Defence Force. After a short period as a combat engineer, I injured myself and was subsequently discharged from the military. It was then I decided to become a photographer.

In 2010 I graduated from Photography Studies College Melbourne with an Advanced Diploma in Photography. Ever since, the medium has taken me to places I never would have imagined. My work has appeared in publications including Yen Magazine, The Age, SMH, Foreign Policy, Qantas inflight travel magazine, and many more.

Still inspired by the joyful and urgent need to document my surroundings,  I haven’t turned back.
I am currently based in Bangkok, Thailand.


Justin McManus

Growing up in the rural South-East of South Australia created a natural pathway into my first career as a wool classer, and it was travelling the country as part of this job, and encountering the people and places in the shearing industry that first sparked my love of photography. Later, I undertook an Associate Diploma of Photography at Croydon Institute in Adelaide, and set off to travel through Africa, Asia and India, photographing social documentary pieces for agencies and various publications.

I settled in the UK in 2002 and freelanced for publications such as The Guardian, The Times, The Independent and The Daily Telegraph. Later I moved to Argentina where I worked for The Buenos Aires Herald and El Diario. Since returning to Australian in 2006 I have been a staff photographer for The Age in Melbourne, and have continued to travel around Australia photographing people in rural and indigenous communities both for The Age and for my own interest in documenting people and culture.